We wait for you in the Tsaritsyno park. Bolshoi Palace, Dmitry Malikov’s live performance with video projections at 8 PM.

Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve will probably be the most visited site of the 7th Circle of Light Moscow International Festival that will be held from the 23rd to the 27th of September. According to the organizers, the total attendance in Tsaritsyno park throughout five days will be about two millions.

The visitors of Tsaritsyno will have an opportunity to enjoy a mesmerizing light and music dancing fountains show on Tsaritsyno pond that will be repeated from 7.30 to 11 PM.

The art group SOPRANO of Mikhail Turetsky will perform on the 24th of September at 9 PM and on other days, the unique voices of the music band will be replayed along with video projections on the façade of the palace.

The Russia’s People’s Artist Dmitry Malikov will give a performance on the 25th of September.

An amazing audio visual show ‘Palace of feelings’ on the façade of Bolshoi palace will become a key element of the festival’s program on this site.

The Tsaritsyno park will be decorated with original light installations made by world’s leading light designers.


1.      Giant Dandelions (France) - Olivia d'Aboville

2.      Large Pendulum Wave (Netherlands) - Ivo Shoofs

3.      Message in a Bottle (Israel) - OGE Creative Group

‘A complex architectural and color structure of the palace are not very suitable for a classic 3D mapping with realistic figures and a linear storyline. So for the first time in the history of the festival we decided to create a show starting from the form and geometry of the building based on abstract figures and effects, complementing the visual part with matching music,’ – explains Tatiana Lifantieva, the President of the LBL Communication group, the authorized organizer of the festival by order of the Moscow Government. –The script is based on the theme familiar to all, that of emotions and feelings and it means that the perception of the show will be accessible and spectacular at the same time’.

Videomapping specialists will animate the façade of the Bolshoi palace with projections and music. It will go through different changing emotions and share them with spectators: excitement and peaceful calm, joy and anger, inspiring love and bitterness from ended relationships, revival from solitude and discovery of unconditional happiness.   

The dramatic ‘emotional experience’ of the Bolshoi palace does not lack historical grounds. Tsaritsyno palace buildings were erected as per design of Vasily Bazhenov by order of Catherine II as her residence in Moscow region. But when in ten years most buildings of the compound were ready for interior decoration works, the Empress made an unexpected decision to shelve Bazhenov and to hand the project to his apprentice Matvey Kazakov who had to rebuilt the main palace from the beginning so that it could become a manifestation of her power and greatness of her reign. In 1786 the palace planned by Bazhenov was taken to pieces but the building designed by his apprentice had an unenviable fate. The works were stopped by lack of funds, the project was simplified and after the death of Catherine II in 1796 her son Pavel I completely stopped the works. And only two centuries after, in 1984, the renovation of a semi-demolished Bolshoi palace was renewed that is today one of the sights of Tsaritsyno.

For accreditation you have to notify about your present on the site by a reply at or call Maria Frolova (+79031349677).

The 7th Circle of Light Moscow International Festival will take place on six different sites from the 23rd to the 27th of September 2017.

Details about the program, participants and accreditation to be found on the official site of the event:


Preparations for Circle of Light Festival start in the capital city

Mounting and installation works started in the capital city ahead of the Circle of Light Moscow International Festival to be held from the 23rd to the 27th of September. The reporter from “VM” took a look on how the preparations were going on the central site of the festival: Ostankino tower and Ostankino pond.

‘We apologize for any inconveniences’ – different banners say on the fences around Ostankino pond. There is also an information stating that the preparations for the Circle of Light Festival are under way. Indeed, it is impossible to get close to the pond. Only a couple of ducks that were not scared of the noisy works and stayed at their usual location, are to be spotted among numerous builders. It will all return to the usual on the 27th of September when last volleys are fired; but for now, long and laborious preparations for this important festival await ahead.

‘The annual Circle of Light Festival organized by the Government of Moscow will be held for the 7th time,’ – said Elena Andreeva, the project head manager. – It is not a coincidence that our main location is Ostankino as Ostankino tower celebrates its 50th anniversary. It is why the opening of the festival will be held here. The multimedia and light installations will be dedicated to two themes: 50th anniversary of Ostankino tower and the year of ecology. We will highlight the importance of preserving nature and show the Wonders of World. Our spectators will travel through Paris, Australia, New York, Shanghai, Canada, Japan, Sahara and Russia. This edition will amaze with its scale.

It is important to note that this site will be accessible only on the 23rd and 24th of September.

Elena Andreeva underlines that spectators will be provided with a mesmerizing multimedia show, mixing light, lasers, dancing fountains and fire and a grandiose fireworks display. The surface of the pond will feature an ice rink for figure skating performances.

-The spectators’ area for 200 thousands persons will be located nearby Ostankino pond, - said Ivan Ivanov, the technical director of the site. – We will also mount spectators’ stands for three thousands persons. Video projections will be not only on Ostankino tower but also on a big projection wall that we are installing on the other side of the pond. It is 15-meter high and 250- meter long. There are six different sites. For example, on the Teatralnaya Square we will use not only the façade of the Bolshoi but also of the Maly Theater.

-I also advise on visiting Tsaritsyno, - says Elena Andreeva. – It will be turned into a true park of light. The Ekaterininsky palace will feature a unique audiovisual show ‘Palace of feelings’ and light installations made by world’s famous light designers will be installed in the park. The art-group SOPRANO will perform on the 24th of September and the day after – Dmitry Malikov, Russia’s People’s Artist.

The organizers note that Stroginskaya floodplain will become this year a festival’s site for the very first time and will feature a 30-minute fireworks show.

Free entrance to all sites.

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