«Circle of light»ART VISION


Winners of ART VISION  2016



Winners of ART VISION Classic 2016:


1st Prize - Meshsplash Studio (Russia)


2nd Prize - Gong Zhen (China)


3rd Prize - Heart-s (Japan)




Winners of ART VISION Modern 2016:


1st Prize - Werewolf & Unstable Creations (UK)


2nd Prize - Darklight Studio  (Spain)


3rd Prize - Flightgraf (Japan)




Winners of ART VISION VJing 2016:


1st Prize - VJ TEAM (Spain)


2nd Prize - EBH Luminaire (UK)


3rd Prize - Leandro Manoel Mendes (VJ Vigas) (Brazil) Special Award - Vision of the Future - from Business Traveller Magazine - VJ TEAM (Spain)


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